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On this page, we’re gonna answer a bunch of the most frequently asked Car Key repair questions ever asked…

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1. I lost my car keys? What should I do?

If you’ve just lost your car keys, then our car locksmithing service staffers will most likely be able to make brand new keys for your vehicle. To order that service please get in touch with us, let us know your location, and we’ll come straight to you. You will need to provide your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number, proving your identity, and we will provide rekeying services on-site, usually within a half-an-hour timeframe….

2. I can’t find my car keys, and the car is unlocked – should I lock it to be safe?

This matters if you park your car outdoors. On the other hand, if your car is secure in an area – like a garage – that is inaccessible to passersby, it might be  an acceptable solution just to leave it unlocked for the time being. However, if your car is exposed, the labor charges of having it unlocked is much less severe than the costs of theft. If your car is on the street or driveway, it’s worth it to play it safe and lock it.

3. What’s a car immobilizer and transponder?

The immobilizer system of modern vehicles searches for a unique electronic signature that’s transmitted from a device inside the key head – the transponder trip. If an incorrect code from the transponder – or no code – is recognized by the car immobilizer, the vehicle will simply block the startup. Transponder keys need to be reprogrammed in order to recognize the specific digital signature of the “native” car immobilizer.

4. Should I go to a car dealer to replace my keys?

Going to a car dealer is essentially an extra, and not a perfect step. Usually, eve if you contact them directly, those dealerships will call services like ours when all keys are lost, and outsource the copying labor for us – while continuing to charge customers a premium. By working with us directly, you eliminate the middleman, save yourself tow truck charges, and a great deal of money.

After looking into these solutions, the most practical to fix your lost car keys issue seems to be the key specialist. While cheaper may seem more attractive, the amount of things that can go wrong with the do it yourself route is just too high. Also, turning to your car dealership may seem the easiest route to follow, but it is the most expensive and takes forever to receive a spare key. Bearing all of these in mind, the third option is without question the safest. Within a day you’ll be able to drive around again in your car in an affordable manner.

We always recommend protecting your vehicle as it’s one of the top investments in your life. We recommend erasing old keys (or replacing it) and order our reprogramming service for your car’s new keys. This way you’ll ensure that you only have the working ones. The last thing you want to happen is not to see your car in your driveway the next morning.

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